Woodchat Shrike (Photo by Pascal Deo Munezero)

East African Rarities Committee

The East African Rarities Committee assesses records of new and very rare birds occurring in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. This includes up to and including the fifth record of any species from each of the five countries.

Sightings of species (or subspecies) for which there are fewer than five records for a country should be submitted to the EARC Secretary: Nigel Hunter, P.O. Box 24803, Karen 00502, Nairobi, Kenya. Email: ea.rarities@gmail.com or nigelhunter74@gmail.com.

The Committee will also assess records of species that are deemed extinct or possibly extinct in any of the five countries, as listed in Category B3. In some circumstances, the Committee may assess records of non-rarities, such as resident species that have not been seen for a long time or major range extensions – please contact the Secretary for guidance.

EARC Committee

The EARC undertakes its work through a Committee. The Committee comprises a Chairman and up to 11 members, but with a minimum of 9 members, each of whom will have a vote.

The composition of the Committee endeavours to reflect the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge and experience of the resident birds occurring in the region.
  • Knowledge and experience of the migrants visiting the region.
  • Particular expertise in regard to any of the five countries, with an appropriate balance of members reflecting this country specific emphasis.
  • A willingness to participate, remain active and wherever possible to meet deadlines.

The Committee is supported by a non-voting Secretary. It is the Secretary’s responsibility to:

  • Be the focal point for the submission of records
  • Check the submissions are compliant with EARC protocol
  • Forward the records to the Committee for consideration in a systematic manner
  • Provide the outcome of the Committee’s deliberations to all members
  • Inform the observer/person submitting the record of the outcome
  • Facilitate the provision of regular EARC Reports in ‘Scopus’

The Committee consists of the following members:

  • Washington Wachira – Chairman
  • Neil Baker (Tanzania)
  • Nik Borrow (UK)
  • Brian Finch (Kenya)
  • Colin Jackson (Kenya)
  • David Moyer (Tanzania)
  • Nigel Redman (UK)
  • Itai Shanni (Israel)
  • Roger Skeen (Uganda)
  • Terry Stevenson (Kenya)
  • Don Turner (Kenya)
  • Johnnie Kamugisha (Uganda)
  • Nigel Hunter (Secretary)