Lesser Whitethroat (Photo by D. Burgas)

Submission of records

Please contact the Secretary if you are unsure whether your record requires a submission and for guidance on details to include in your submission. Past records of rare species are also sought in order to bring our database up to date.

EARC Protocols regarding the submission of records

  1. All records must be ascribed to a species that is designated an EARC rarity or is a first for East Africa or a Country. Effectively this means that EARC will not act as an identifier. The observer is of course free to seek expert opinions as to the identity and may use that information as part of their submission.
  2. Observers must try to see and describe as accurately as possible the bird in order to convince the EARC that it is the species being claimed beyond any doubt. For this purpose, the EARC has a rarity form for facilitating the written description which is provided on the Form page
  3. Where photographs are obtained, these may be submitted in conjunction with Section A of the form. The photographs can serve as Section B and C, though the observer may still wish to provide discussion under Section C. If images are available, please send them as separate files and not within the rarity form document.
  4. Where audio recordings are obtained, these may be submitted in conjunction with Section A of the form. However under Section C, the observer must indicate how they know that the audio recording is that of the species being claimed and not for example the audio recording of a mimic. In particular for first time records for a country or in regard to significant range extensions, the use of automatic or ambient recordings will not be accepted and the observer will be requested to undertake further research.